Sunday, June 1, 2014

更多有关非侵犯性检测 More about non-invasive moisture testing





it to be noted that, 

1. there is no such a chart to indicate so called acceptable moisture level. 

2. any judgement to moisture level must be based on analysis of the building as a whole

3. most leaky buildings do not show any sign of high moisture readings based on non-invasive inspections

4. according to new version of real estate agreement, invasive moisture testing is banded from pre-purchase inspections

5. in most cases "acceptable" readings obtained to a house are either lower or not significantly higher than readings obtained from reference points (dry spots), but they can be anything from 0 to 100 or any other digit.
6. judge a building based on so called "acceptable moisture level" only can be dangerous and misleading

7. no one other than the inspector himself can interpret his moisture readings based on photos only without particular context 

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